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CAPSEF Committees

Legislative Committee Membership Committee
Nominating Committee Finance Committee
Publishing Committee / Public Relations Professional Development Committee

Committee Purpose
The purpose of any committee is to provide advice and counsel to the Executive Committee on committee matters.  All committees are responsible to the Executive Committee.  They have full authority and responsibility to carry out duties to achieve the goals and objectives as approved the by Executive Committee.

General Committee tasks are the following:
  Develop an agenda for each meeting.
  Record meeting minutes.
  Forward a copy of the meeting minutes to CAPSEF Offices.
  Provide an Annual Report, referencing annual goals and objectives, no less than three
     weeks prior to the Annual Meeting to the Association by the Secretary.
  Develop a budget and forward to the Finance Committee.
  Send committee reports to the Executive Director two weeks prior to each Executive 
        Committee meeting date.

Committee Meetings
Meetings of the committee will be held monthly or as determined in order to meet goals and objectives of that committee.

The business of the committee meeting is the following:
  Gather reports from the committee members.
  Act on agenda items.
  Determine new business and develop tentative agenda for the next committee meeting.
  Review the committee’s purpose and tasks.
  Define action plan that will occur between meetings.
  Set the date for the next committee meeting.

Duties of Committee Members/Chairpersons
The duties of the committee members are responsible for the orientation of the newly appointed members.

The duties of the committee members include the following:
  Perform duties as assigned by the chairperson.
  Attend all committee meetings or notify committee chair of absence.
  Regularly communicate with other committees.

The duties of the committee chairperson includes the following:
  Preside at all meetings of the committee.
  Prepare an agenda for each committee meeting.
  Forward reports to the CAPSEF Offices by one week following the meeting.
  Regularly communicate with the committee members.
  Assign duties to other committee members.

Executive Committee Attendance Policy
The CAPSEF Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice-President, Second Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, duly elected by the membership are required to attend all Executive Committee meetings. If a member cannot attend a meeting for special circumstances, excused absences will be allowed only by the chairperson of that meeting before the time of the meeting. One unexplained absence will result in a written notice of the infraction to be sent to the offending party. On a second occasion, the chair will reserve the right to recommend to the Executive Committee that the individual is removed from office and a suitable replacement be nominated and installed by the Executive Committee. All members of the Executive Committee are strongly encouraged to attend all CAPSEF events and must attend all scheduled committee meetings.

Legislative Committee


The Legislative Committee will work with CAPSEF staff and lobbyist to monitor any proposed legislation concerning special education. The committee will provide testimony on legislation as necessary. They will arrange for committee members to attend hearings or meetings required. They are responsible for drafting proposed legislation in conjunction with lobbyist and CAPSEF staff. Any proposed legislation will have to be approved by the Executive Committee prior to submission.

The legislative chairman in conjunction with the association president will review and assist the Executive Committee with establishing the contract of the lobbyist. This is to be done prior to the conclusion of any existing contract.


1. Communicate regularly with CAPSEF membership on state and federal legislative issues
- Update CAPSEF members regularly at membership meetings.
- Respond to individual member’s inquiries in a timely manner
2. To become a recognized resource to legislators, Department of Education and other relevant state agencies.

Membership Committee

Co-Chairpersons: Bernie Lindauer and Cindy Sarnowski


1. Recruitment and retention of CAPSEF members.
2. Provide guidance; make specific recommendations to CAPSEF Executive Committee concerning recruitment and retention of members.
3. Implementation of the CAPSEF Plan for Recruitment and Membership retention.


1. Increase total membership in CAPSEF.
2. Increase knowledge of members and potential members of values and benefits of being a member.
3. Increase incentives for CAPSEF membership.
4. Establish a CAPSEF Plan for Membership Retention and Recruitment, which includes an evaluation component.
5. Maintain listing of Approved Private Special Education Programs in Connecticut (from the State Department of Education).

Nominating Committee - Ad Hoc



Call for nominations to be sent out by committee chairman. Written nominations are to be sent to CAPSEF Office.  Candidates should send a bio and a short statement about their qualifications to CAPSEF Office.

Finance Committee


1. Solicit feedback and establish committee budgets to present to the CAPSEF Executive Committee.
2. Work with CAPSEF committees to develop new non-dues revenue events.
3. Work in conjunction with the Executive Director and Treasurer to prepare a balanced budget each year.
4. Review the total assets on an annual basis.
5. Review and approve any expenditure, which are not budgeted or exceed a certain dollar amount.


1. Bills that are received at CAPSEF Office are to be forwarded to the Treasurer two times a month; the first and fifteenth of each month.
2. The office is to provide stamped and addressed envelopes attached to the bills.
3. The Treasurer must pay such bills according to the date due on the statement.
4. After the bills are paid, the Treasurer is to provide the office with a statement of the bills that were paid and the date they were mailed out.


Communications Committee


To serve as the body responsible for planning, generating, and disseminating materials for publication, in cooperation with all CAPSEF committees, for the communication of information among the membership. Publications shall include, but not be limited to the following:
     2.    Membership Directory
     3.    Website

1. Members shall assist the chairperson and CAPSEF staff in all aspects of planning and preparation for publication of all materials.
2. Coordination of calendar of “due dates”.
3. The CAPSEF NEWSLETTER will go out at the beginning of each month. (After the monthly Executive Committee meeting).
4. All materials submitted to the committee shall be forwarded to the CAPSEF Office.
5. Material may be edited in anyway as deemed appropriate by the Committee and CAPSEF staff with regards to grammar, clarity and intent, appropriateness, style and length.
6. The Chairperson has final say in editorial decisions.

Professional Development Committee


Work closely with the CAPSEF staff to implement new educational seminars, membership meetings and conferences.  Keep in close contact with the State Department of Education CEU Coordinator for state policy changes and additions.


1. Plan for all conferences and educational seminars during the year.
2. Coordinate the Annual Conference with CAPSEF staff.
3. Develop topics and agenda for membership meetings.
4. Prepare for any events with CAPSEF staff, that the executive committee deems necessary.

To join any of our committees please email CAPSEF at for more information.


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