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American School for the Deaf 
Address: 139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT, 06107
Description: The ASD Instructional Program provides the educational support services necessary for deaf students to become self-sufficient, productive, and competitive in a hearing world. The pre-kindergarten through 12th grade program contains a basic skills curriculum, with continuous emphasis on the development of language and communication skills. The preparatory department, including preschool and kindergarten, emphasizes readiness skills, language acquisition, and communication skills. The elementary department curriculum, grades 1-6, develops all basic academic and social skills, with continuing emphasis on language acquisition and communication skills and specialized instruction for deaf and deaf special needs students. The upper school program consists of two separate instructional areas: the regular program for college bound deaf students and the Special Unit program for deaf special needs students. Approximately fifty percent of the student population resides in five campus dormitories, four evenings a week.

Admission Procedures: Upon receipt of a referral letter from a local school district, a pre-admission evaluation date will be scheduled. Evaluation reports are generated and sent to parents and referring agencies. These reports contain programming recommendations for the consideration of the Planning and Placement Team.  
Ages: 3-21
Gender: Both 
Capacity: 250 
Director: Jeffrey Bravin,(860) 570-1816
Note: This program accepts day students and residential students who have been referred by school districts. The program also provides services to residential students who have been placed by public agencies for other than educational reasons.  
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