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The Foundation School 
Address: 91 Woodmont Road
Milford, CT, 06460
Description: The Foundation School opened in 1967 to provide for the education of children with a variety of special needs. The core concept was to utilize a team approach to best focus on the individual requirements of each student. That, coupled with flexible grouping and scheduling allows for optimal programming with changes as necessary. The school has always maintained a teacher: pupil ratio of 1:3 or better, insuring individual attention. The Foundation School has three separate units: the Lower School for students ages three to eight; Middle School for ages eight to thirteen; and the High School for ages fourteen to twenty-one. Most High School students graduate before that maximum age. The Lower School provides a language-based approach with emphasis on speech/language, perceptual/motor, and social skill development plus pre-academic and early academic skills. The Middle School continues emphasis in those areas with more advanced academic emphasis including science and social studies. It also provides a great deal of community involvement to help students integrate and practice social skills, and relate to mainstream activities and peers. Both units also provide for experiential learning. The High School continues academic instruction coupled with an introduction to vocational skill training and career exploration. There is a well-developed work-study program with locations in the school community as well as the student’s. College coursework is available as a career direction when appropriate. There is continued involvement in community-based activities. There is a “transitional” component in the High School for students who might not be fully prepared for the regular secondary program.

Referrals are accepted from boards of education, other agencies, or parents who might want to consider private placement.  
Ages: 3-21
Gender: Both 
Director: Michael Nicholson,203-877-1426,
Fax: 203-876-7531 
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