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The Susan Wayne Center of Excellence 
Address: 75 Church Street
Thompson, CT, 06277
Description: The Susan Wayne Center of Excellence offers a research-based, therapeutic education focused on academic, prevocational and vocational instruction to adolescent girls and boys that are intellectually, emotionally and behaviorally disabled and that cannot be served in alternative educational settings. We specialize in helping students that have cognitive difficulties, coupled with histories of emotional and/or physical trauma. We strive to increase each studentís knowledge, relational skills and self-confidence so that they are able to reach the maximum of their capabilities. We employ a cognitive behavioral model that uses a system of incentives to help students acquire positive coping behaviors and avoid maladaptive ones. Our students function within the mild to moderate intellectually disabled range. We provide individualized instruction to meet each studentís educational needs and do so in small classes with no more than an 8:1 student/teacher ratio. In addition, paraprofessional residential counselors are present in all classrooms to provide assistance. We encourage each student to proceed at his/her own pace so that he/she can master the academic and social skills needed for a fulfilling future. Our students thrive in a highly structured and nurturing school environment. We provide an academic curriculum that adheres to the CSDE standards. In addition, we provide students the opportunity to learn life and health skills. Students attend classes for a regular academic year. ESY services are available through an eight-week summer school program that combines academic and life skills learning. We also provide transitional work experiences on and off campus for our older students so they are prepared for the world of work.  
Ages: 11-20
Gender: Both 
Director: Shelley Boure,860-928-5900,
Fax: 860-963-0100 
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